Welcome to
the Polish Clergy Chess Championships

While getting familiar with the Championships,
may we suggest additional reflection beyond the chessboard.
Consider that we know we cannot change the past
but by analysing it we can draw conclusions
about the present and future.
Just like in chess.

The Polish Clergy Chess Championship Map.

XVIII International Polish Clergy Blitz Chess Championship, ChessArbiter
and XIV International Polish Clergy Rapid Chess Championship, ChessArbiter

was held
at the Pallottine Mission Animation Center in Konstancin - Jeziorna,
ul. Leśna 15/17, 05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna,
from 4 - 5 March 2019. More ...

V International Polish Clergy Correspondence Chess Championship.
The start date was 9/15/2018.
Tournament page a here.
Basic informations are here.

VI International Polish Clergy Correspondence Chess Championship.
The start date will be 9/15/2019. More ...
Tournament page a here.

XIX International Polish Clergy Chess Championship
in classic chess
Kalków - Godow 2020.

Between 07 to 12 July 2020 in the Shrine of the Sorrowful Queen of Poland, Lady of the Earth in Swietokrzyska, in Kalkow - Godow will be held XIX International Championships of Polish Clergy in classical chess. More ...

Virtual walk around the Sanctuary ...

Sanctuary from a bird's eye view ...

Seminary building in Kalisz.

XVIII International Polish Clergy Chess Championship
Kalisz 2019.

Between 08 to 13 July 2019. at the House of Life in Kalisz was held XVIII International Championships of Polish Clergy in classical chess.

Service XVIII PCCC Kalisz 2019 is here

The Patronage of honour:

The Rt Rev Edward Janiak.
Bishop of Kalisz.

Mr. Stanislaw Karczewski.
Speaker of the Senate.

Mr. Witold Banka.
Minister of Sport and Tourism.
The new Head of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Mr. Zbigniew Hoffmann.
Voivode of Wielkopolska..

Mr. Adam Dzwonkowski.
President of the 1.4 FIDE Zone (Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary).
Member of the FIDE Management Board.

Mr. Andrzej Ciesinski.
President of the Wielkopolska Chess Federation.

Mr. dr. engr. Andrzej Filipowicz and Szachista - Chess Magazine - www.szachista.com

The Media Patronage:

The Catholic Weekly Nasz Dziennik - www.naszdziennik.pl

The Catholic Weekly Niedziela - www.niedziela.pl


Mr. Andrzej Duda.
President of the Republic of Poland.

Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki.
Polish Prime Minister.

Mr. Witold Banka.
Minister of Sport and Tourism.
The new Head of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Mr. Krystian Kinastowski.
President of Kalisz.

Tourist and Pilgrimage Office ARCUS - www.arcus.org.pl

Mr. Radosław Jedynak.
President of the Polish Chess Federation.

Mr. Andrzej Ciesinski.
President of the Wielkopolska Chess Federation.

Rosikon Press - www.rosikonpress.com

Publisher of the Polish Society of St. Thomas Aquinas - www.ptta.pl

The Mint of Poland - www.mennica.com.pl

The Pallotinum - The Publishing House of Pallotine Fathers - www.pallotinum.pl

The ArtSakr - handcraft - www.artsakr.pl

Distributor of books from various publishing houses. - www.motyleksiazkowe.pl

DREAMS Publishing House. - www.dreamswydawnictwo.pl

Paganini Publishing House & Online Shop - www.paganini.com.pl

The ZNAK Publishing House - www.znak.com.pl

The PAX Publishing House - www.iwpax.pl

The Publishing House of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow - www.upjp2.edu.pl/eng

Publishing House of the Franciscan Fathers, Niepokalanow - www.wydawnictwo.niepokalanow.pl

The Publishing and Printing House of the Holy Cross in Opole - www.wydawnictwo.opole.pl

SOLITON - Music Company. www.soliton.pl

Boże Krówki - Producer of candies. - www.bozekrowki.pl

National Center for Culture. www.nck.pl

Manufacturer of floor heating panels CREO - www.creopanel.pl

Ecclesia Software Polska.
Software for church institutions - www.ecclesiasoftware.com

Mobile communication in the parish and in the community - www.mobilnaparafia.pl

Producer - Importer
- www.prema.sklep.pl

Publishing House of the Archdiocese of Lublin - Gaudium - www.gaudium.pl

Foundation for Christian life and mission - www.misja.org.pl

Sales of paintings, mirrors, stylish frames, etc. - www.majstersztyk.pl

Publishing house and sale ARYSTOTELES - www.arystoteles.com.pl

P.H. Jakobczak.
Vestments and Sacred Vessels etc. Czestochowa - www.jakobczak.pl

DUBIK - Candle manufacturer - www.swiece.malopolska.pl

The AGAPE Publishing House - www.agape.org.pl

Publishing House AA
Catholic religion, history, health and cooking. - www.aa.com.pl

The Rafael Publishing House - www.rafael.pl

Publishing house of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University - www.wydawnictwo.uksw.edu.pl

Publishing house Wokół Nas - www.wokolnasu.pl

Publishing house Miłujcie się www.milujciesie.org.pl

ADAM Publishing house - www.oficyna-adam.com.pl

Multibook bookstore - www.multibook.pl

Prohibita publishing house - www.Prohibita.pl

Institute of the Pope John Paul II - www.ipjp2.pl

Prakseda Collection Małgorzata Chmielewska S.J. - www.prakseda.eu

Mr. Jerzy Moras and Penelopa Publishing - www.penelopa.pl

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